Summer Water Slide Fun in the San Francisco Bay Area

San Leandro Family Aquatic Center.  Photo by Michele Gates.

Growing up, water slide parks were one of the highlights of my summer vacations.  With my son turning four, I felt he was at the perfect age to learn how to swim and to be introduced to water slides.  I figured this would also be a fun activity for my au pair to do with my son.  Living in San Francisco, I found out that none of the public pools have water slides, nor is there anything like Water World within the city.  So, I started a search to find a water slide park appropriate for a four year old.

Liam and Mer at the aquatic park, with a photogenic boy in the background. Photo by Michele Gates.

I was amazed to find out that many of the public pools in the East Bay have water slides and play structures.  As a kid, my only option was the Water World in Sacramento to play around on water slides.  In the Bay Area, there are so many inexpensive options that are a great alternative to the water slide amusement park (i.e. $5 compared to $25 for day use). A few water parks I found that are worth checking out include the Robert Livermore Community Center Pool, East Oakland Sports Complex and Water Park, Silliman Family Aquatic Center and San Leandro Family Aquatic Center.  There are also parks that have super safe and fun, kid-friendly water fountains such as Hap McGee Ranch Park in Danville and Emerald Glen Park in Dublin.

Liam splashing around at Hap McGee Park.  Photo by Michele Gates.

The websites for the aquatic centers will have a listing on when their open swim hours are and what their facilities offer.  When you go, be prepared to arrive early, as a lot of these places have a maximum capacity and fill up quickly during the summer months.  Also, most places don’t have snack bars, so pack up a healthy lunch to enjoy while you are there.

I was able to check out a couple places with my son Liam and au pair Mer, and they both had a blast!  These are just several options for water slide parks in the San Francisco Bay Area that will add to the summer fun for your au pair and child(ren).

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